Saturday 4pm - Technical Information

For the Secretary/Chair to read before leading a phone bridge meeting


 As the Secretary/Chair for this meeting you will be given a “leader code” that will give you more features on the key pad than other members.


          Here is some information that will help before dialing into the meeting once you have been given the leader code.


1.    Dial the phone number and then use the regular pin number followed by the # sign that everyone else uses.

2.    There will be a voice prompt after entering the regular pin # that says “IF YOU ARE THE MODERATOR PLEASE PRESS 1.”

3.    Follow the prompt and Press 1. The word “moderator” and “leader” mean the same thing.

4.    The voice prompt will again say “PLEASE ENTER THE MODERATOR PIN (Leader Code) number FOLLOWED BY THE # SIGN”.

5.   You will join the phone meeting muted after entering the leader code and # sign.  Press *1 to unmute yourself and then introduce yourself as the Secretary/Chair of the meeting. Press *0 for a menu of all features.


Probably one of the most important services you can give as the Secretary/Chair is to have the highest sound quality on the phone bridge system.  This means without background noise and weak sound quality. “Sound” is all we have for the phone meeting to work.


Background noise can be taken as disrespectful or interruptive while members are speaking.  As a trusted servant you can guide the meeting without background noise or interruptions to the best of your ability.


Along with your own skills; here are a few tips and a few pieces of information to help you: 


1.  Technically the phone bridge system is built for “only” one person to be unmuted at a time.  This of course would include, You (the Secretary/Chair) as well as the Timekeeper to stay muted by using the *1 keys.  The timekeeper only unmutes to say “time”. The Secretary/Chair unmutes a few seconds before the member is done sharing to welcome the next share.  You can remind the timekeeper to please stay muted except to say “time”. (Only one line unmuted at a time).


2.    As the Secretary/Chair (with the leader code) you are encouraged to use the *5   to clear the line to address the noise.  This ensures that members will be able to speak so their share can be heard.  Then the member can press the *1 keys to continue sharing without the previous background noise.  We call this “Cycling Through”. (Most of the time people forget to mute and don’t know they are not muted). This can be done by saying “Excuse the interruption, I’m going to clear the line” and then press *5 keys. You then could say, “Whoever was sharing please press *1 and begin again,” or “Whoever would now like to share please press *1 to unmute yourself.” 


3.   Some meetings have multiple readers. The extra unmuted lines will cause the reading to be heard by some but not by other members.

Here are some suggestions.


1.   Organize the readers so they know the order they will be reading.

2.   Then tell the rest of the readers to mute until a few seconds before it is their turn to read.

3.   After each member reads remind them to mute again.

4.   (AS A Rule of Thumb), just because you can hear does not mean that other members can.  These phones meetings have global coverage. Not all phones have equal sound. Only one line unmuted at a time will keep a clear worldwide phone line for everyone during the meeting.


These 4 technical points can promote safety, warmth and recovery similar to face to face meetings. This was written to assist you to know and understand the phone bridge technical features.


Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions. If you need help, just ask.   Congratulations on doing service and beginning the flow that opens our heart to what it already knows---that we all need each other. 



Your Web Coordinator








The Meeting Format Starts Now

(This is the part you read out loud)


Saturday 4 pm Opening our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses


(This meeting last for 1 hour and 15 minutes) 




May we open the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.



Secretary or Chair reads or asks for a member to read the Suggested Al-Anon Welcome

We welcome you to the Saturday 4 pm Al-Anon meeting—”Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses" (Al-Anon Service Manual pg. 10-11)


In this particular meeting, we apply Al-Anon tools to the challenging subject of loss.


Secretary reads or asks a member to read from Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses, Chapter 2 page 23 paragraph 3



3.  And now, some information about the bridge: 


Phone Etiquette


a.   Prior to joining the meeting, we ask members to temporarily disable their call waiting by dialing *70 before calling the number to the phone bridge (example *70-1-712-432-8733). If a member does not disable their call waiting, we may hear your conversation or beeping.

b.   When you dial in, you will start the conference being muted.

c.   Stay muted at all times unless you are sharing. You can un-mute by pressing your *1 keys. You will hear a voice saying “you are now un-muted”.  Some phones do not have a long enough beep for the muting and un-muting to happen. You may have to press *1 several times for this function to work. When the voice comes on, you will know that the *1 keys have worked. 

d.   We ask members to use the *1 keys to mute even if they have a mute function on their individual phones. The *1 keys ensures the greatest sound strength for the entire phone line and provides the greatest service to all members of the phone bridge during the meeting.

e.   Please do not use a speaker phone for sharing or we will all hear an echo.  Some speaker phones will not mute even when pressing your *1 keys.

f.     To hear a menu of all the features--such as volume control or member count--simply press * by itself.



We now need three volunteers to read from Al-Anon’s three legacies, which can be found on the last few pages of Opening Our Hearts (or in the meditation books).  Can I get one person to read--?

a.   Preamble to Al-Anon’s 12 Steps  2 pages before January 1 in all three meditation books

b.   Al-Anon’s 12  Steps   found one page after December 31 in all three meditation books

c.   One Tradition & One Concept of the month  (one and two pages respectively after the 12 Steps in all three of the meditation books)






a. According to the 7th Tradition, Al-Anon is fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.  We invite you to send contributions to the WSO (our registered WSO ID is 30521349) or make donations at face-to-face meetings. 


b. And now, are there any Al-Anon related announcements?


The Business Meeting will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month after the close of the meeting.


         c. Do we have any newcomers today—to Al-Anon or to Al-Anon phone bridge meetings?  We invite you to introduce yourselves so we may greet you. Please press the *1 key to un-mute _____________.  Welcome, we’re glad you’re here. 


d. We now need a volunteer who is willing to stay on the line after the meeting to greet our newcomers, answer questions about Al-Anon, and/or explain the phone etiquette. Do we have a volunteer?  …Thank you.



We now go around the globe and introduce ourselves by first name only.  If you wish, please mention from where you are calling.  Please be sure to press *1 to un-mute so that we can hear you. After introducing yourselves, we ask that you re-mute (by pressing *1 again) so that we can hear the names of individual members who are saying hello. 


I’ll start: Hi, I’m _______________; .and I’m calling from ____________________.



This meeting focuses on Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses, which shows that “anyone who has been affected by alcoholism has faced loss, and probably many losses.” We read through the book in consecutive order beginning at the point where we left off the previous week; reading one or two sections with our stopping point determined by the chair in large measure by bold-faced print and/or clear breaks in the text.


Can we now have two volunteers for today’s reading? Thank you. Our reading today starts on p. ____, with section ____ ; and goes through the end of section ____ , which ends on p. _____ . Would the first reader begin reading, and the second volunteer continue the reading seamlessly?


After the READING is completed, Chair thanks the readers.



Before sharing, we offer a gentle reminder that we speak from our own experience we ask that you resist the desire to comment on or respond to another person's share.  Also, we ask those who are members of other anonymous programs to try to identify with the Al-Anon approach to the family illness. Ours is a different experience and calls for a different interpretation.



Timekeeping:   We have 3 minute shares; Can we have a volunteer to be our timekeeper? Thank you. The timekeeper is asked to stay muted at all times, except when you come in to gently say "time," person sharing will acknowledge the timekeeper by saying "thank you I'll wrap up." And now, would our timekeeper like to share, first? 


Open up for sharing. 


[At 5:05 EST (10 minutes before the close of the meeting)]

It is now 5 min. after the top of the hour: and, in accordance with principles guiding our recovery and, in particular, the 4th concept, which reminds us that participation is the key to harmony, we now invite shares from newcomers and those who do not regularly share on the bridge. (If possible, indicate # of people on bridge.)


10.  CLOSING (which begins 3-4 min before the close of the meeting).

a) We now begin the closing. First, I'd like to thank everyone who did service: our timekeeper, our readers, all those who shared and all who dialed in to listen.


10 b. Secretary or Chair reads or asks for a member to read from Survival to Recovery, 269- 70

"If we willingly surrender .....


10 c. And now the Suggested Al-Anon Closing

Secretary or Chair reads or asks for a member to read the Suggested Al-Anon Closing  (Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual pg.22)


Names and Phone Numbers: And now, before saying the suggested closing, I want to invite people to call out names of those whose phone numbers they would like to have.  We’ll ask for those numbers right after the serenity prayer.




And now, would all who care to, please press *1 to un-mute and join together in saying the Serenity Prayer.


God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.

            (Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual pg. 10)



 Post-meeting details:


a) And now phone numbers….



Meeting schedule can be accessed on the web at Format changes and website related requests can be emailed to Any new meetings and format draft ideas can be brought to the Monthly Business Meeting on the 4th Saturday of the month at 2pm EST. All other general questions can be sent to

All Eastern Time Zone, same phone and pin number as you dialed in for this meeting.   

6am                     7 days a week

8am                     Saturday and Sunday
9am                     Weekdays (Monday thru Friday)

10am                            Saturday

11am                  Sunday

2pm                     Sunday
Noon                  Monday ----- Saturday

4pm                    7 days a week

6pm                     Saturday
8pm                    7 days a week
10pm                   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
12 midnight       Monday and Thursday

Chair passes off to the volunteer (say name) who is able/willing to serve as newcomer greeter. By way of signing off, Chair might wish to say that those wishing to participate in fellowship may stay on the line for approximately 25 minutes after the hour.